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"Life is not about finding our limitations, it's about finding our infinity " .... Herbie Hancock

The equation of human life can never be calculated like that of a a mathematical calculation. 'Infinity' is the only term  to define the calculations of human life.The man who spent his whole life in search of 'infinity', is none other than Srinivasa Ramanujan. He not only searched for it but knew it ultimately in terms of mathematics. In spite of wanting of formal education this luminous son of mother India has illuminated the pan- world with his multifaceted mathematical ideas. He appeared at the zenith of the Indian sky in 1887. Very significantly, his birthday is preceded by the the the smallest day of the year in earth i.e.23rd December. after enlightening the whole world about mathematical infinity, this man sailed his sail into the world of infinity at the age of only 33 in 1920. The students of the Department of Mathematics of Narajole Raj College along with the faculty members, have taken this little initiative to commemorate this mathematical stalwart in his 133th birth anniversary through some posters and paintings in the ardent leadership of of Dr Anupam, respected Principal of Narajole Raj college.

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